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Three aspects are paramount to me in my work:
openness, empathy and competence. 

About me

lilytrust – Tatjana Gaspar

I have always been passionate about helping people find a solution for their particular concern – as professionally, flexibly and skilfully as possible. 

I work as a systemic and business coach as well as consultant with passion and enthusiasm. In this my clients can avail of all the expertise and experience I have gained over the years. At the same time, I believe in life-long learning.

I grew up in different cultures and speak seven languages fluently: German, Croatian, English, French, Spanish, Russian – and Swiss German too, of course. I have spent many years of my life in Switzerland. 

I look forward to working with you at your own pace and rhythm, also online.

Best wishes,
Tatjana Gaspar

Essential stages of my life

  • MA in Literature (Lic. Phil. I) University of Geneva
  • Studies abroad: in the USA, Spain and Russia
  • 7 years at the World Economic Forum, Geneva
  • 1 year in public relations and editorial at a Zurich financial services company
  • 19 years as a Senior Private Banking Client Adviser with various banks in Zurich
  • Extensive sales, management and leadership experience
  • Advanced education and training at London School of Economics and the University of Zurich
  • Voluntary activity: President of BPW Zurich Club for 4 years
  • Advanced training for female board members, BPW Switzerland
  • Since 2017, Senior Business Consultant at an independent wealth management company in Zurich
  • Since 2019, Managing Director, Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland
  • Diploma in Systemic Coaching with advanced training in business coaching, online training and course management (SVEB1), Onken Academy, Uster, Switzerland
  • Coach for Female Business Seminars and

The basis of my work

My coaching is based on decades of research and study by important scientists in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, neurobiology and communication. The methods of the following figures significantly influence my coaching and training work: Paul Watzlawick, Viginia Satir, Milton Erickson, Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg, Carl Rogers, Gunther Schmidt, Gerald Hüther, Insa Sparrer, Mathias Varga von Kibéd, Sonia Radatz, Maja Storch, Carmen Kindl-Beilfuß, Friedemann Schulz von Thun, Reinhold Bartl and Vera Birkenbihl, as well as my trainers Maya Onken and Elfi Denk. 

For career coaching, I work also with the personality assessment tool e-stimate.

The other side of life

Of course I do not spend 24 hours a day on coaching, training and consultancy. In my free time I pursue my passion for underwater photography, spend time in nature, go on cultural trips and read a lot. I am particularly interested in all forms of art, music, world politics and women’s issues. 

What concerns you? 
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