This thing with New Year’s resolutions

What did your personal balance sheet last year look like? With which new resolutions did you start the New Year? Do you happen to belong to the 90% or so of people who make New Year’s resolutions and abandon them before the end of January?

Resolutions are a fixture for the start of every year, provided you wish to change something, but it helps to answer a question beforehand:

Are you satisfied with being a passenger on the train of life or would you like to be behind the steering wheel?

Regardless how you answer that – there is no right or wrong answer here – your resolutions must be positively worded, credible, future-oriented and realistic, otherwise you will not change anything.

If you are not sure to have the endurance or you have too many doubts about yourself, then we can work together in a constructive manner and change that by mobilizing all of your resources. I am here for you in the New Year, as well, helping you to implement your resolutions, so do not think twice about contacting me!

In the meantime, may everything you wished for in the New Year come true.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(January 2020)