The right moment

Sometimes I am amazed how positive events happen in my life that I would never have dreamed of and that were not planned. The seemingly unexpected happens all of a sudden at the right time and opens a new perspective or just brings me joy. Do you know that feeling?

An astrologer might see the reason for it in the favorable position of the planets. A clever mathematician might perhaps write a complicated formula how to calculate the right moment. And someone else would speak of serendipity or divine providence. All this would mean that we ourselves have no influence but are merely passive recipients of the unexpected happening. I find that hard to believe!

When asked what causes something to happen at the right time, different people around me have different views or attitudes, e.g.: seeing change as an opportunity; being able to learn something positive from every challenge; approaching every day with the same discipline; tireless and systematic networking; being equally active physically and mentally; maintaining a “constant connection to the universe” by communicating your wishes; etc. The list goes on.

There seems to be a common thread for all these individual or combined activities: regularity, reiteration, belief in one’s own strengths. If you know your strengths, you can’t help but use them again and again – actively! This is how the right moment (let’s call it accomplishment or fulfillment) is involuntarily brought about!

What are your strengths? Where do you use them in everyday life? What is your source of positive energy? How do you use this energy for your daily discipline?

If you cannot conclusively answer these questions for yourself and have been wondering for a long time when the right moment will finally come, then we should talk about your expectations and your self-perception. I am here to help you remove any stumbling blocks and doubts.

Wishing you thoroughly positive autumn feelings,

Tatjana Gaspar