The new normal: do you trust safety belts or parachutes?

So far, you might have been secretly thinking that if you were hardworking, caring and law-abiding, nothing could affect your lifestyle. Corona has taught us all better. Neither industriousness, nor loyalty nor honesty are safety belts that are of great use to us in times of a pandemic.

Corona is a cyclone sweeping over us. Although the buildings around us are still standing, the destruction of our confidence and of our worldwide economic structure is substantial. We must counter the uncertainty we are now facing with creative parachutes. It is no longer enough if everyone thinks that their common sense is sound and that their attitude is reasonable.

Each one of our decisions can have serious consequences for our immediate environment. If we are aware of this, the responsibility can be frightening.

How do you deal with the uncertainty? Do you fear more about your health, your social structure or your economic future? Is your glass still half full or almost empty? Would you rather stick your head in the sand or open your parachute now?

Cyclones pass and something new can emerge from the chaos they leave behind. You already carry the parachute within you, allowing you to land safely in the midst of the rubble. Systemic coaching helps you realize that.

Maybe you are convinced you can do it alone and with conventional means. No problem! But if not, I am here for you including online.

In the meantime, may you overcome the corona times with elemental trust and in good health.

Best wishes,
Tatjana Gaspar
(July 2020)