The need to let go … and start fresh

It is the year in which everyone is affected by the burden of letting go. We have had to let go of habits, beliefs, plans for the future and our supposed safety. To many of us it seems like a nightmare that we just want to wake up from. But it’s not a nightmare, it’s reality. The difference between nightmare and reality is that we can influence reality. For sure! And we are wide awake!

Why do we shy away from letting go? Maybe we feel pain in the face of separation. Or we fear that we are betraying everything that was important to us up to now. Maybe we feel powerless and paralyzed before the unknown. We rarely manage to see in the act of letting go a beneficial component, namely a chance. This chance is a creative process in which we are active and focussed participants and shapers. Our behavior as a whole is challenged and put to the test.

While we are letting go of something, we are already letting in something else.

We may start something new while the old continues to exist as an experience, a memory or a best practice. No separation. No betrayal. But instead, openness to new approaches and possibilities. Letting go is not the end, it is a beginning.

I am available to support you if you should lose courage in the meantime or if you want to gain the necessary distance when weighing your options. There is no reason to deny yourself a constructive, appreciative coaching session. But you can also give it away as a Christmas gift. I would be happy to send you a voucher.

I wish you a blessend and hopeful festive season and a powerful start into the New Year.

Yours, Tatjana Gaspar