Sustainable life – sustainable relationships

Did you already ask yourself how it is possible that, on one hand, our society focusses on all kinds of networks while, on the other hand, our direct relationships have become more superficial and non-binding? We praise a seemingly perfect appearance and a balanced, dynamic way of life because we want to be perceived as cool, modern and self-assured. But what for if we have less and less true friends and get lonelier every day?

We used to have role-models. Nowadays, influencers on our screens dictate how we have to look or live in order to „belong“. But to whom do we want to belong? To the group of followers?

Followers are externally controlled beings in the ether. They are no substitute for true friends. What is your experience? Are you applying the necessary care to make your friendships last? How does your personal friendship balance sheet look at the end of the year?

If you think you did everything right, but despite many efforts it still feels strange, then you have all the more reason to try something new. Why not a new behavior with regard to your relationships? You can change at any moment the direction you give to your life. The future lies in your hands. Call me so we can define your next steps together.

Until then, may your life be enriched by true and meaningful friendships.

Best wishes and a wonderful advent season,

Tatjana Gaspar
(November 2019)