Mindfulness in times of crisis – transforming the learning curve into an attitude for life

This has not occured in over 100 years: an invisible, unpredictable opponent who knows no boundaries and no mercy teaches us human beings an unexpected lesson in equality. Through shocking images and statistics, we experience how the drama unfolds with its own dynamic. Suddenly, each one of us becomes personally affected, regardless of our social or cultural background. Overnight, old habits are replaced by new rituals, and state-imposed rules of conduct and solidarity become the new normal. At the same time, we all must face and master our individual everyday challenges. And this is where equality ends!

What effect does this situation have on you? Is it difficult to admit that you feel powerless and anxious? Are you under constant stress and fear that you will not be able keep it up much longer? Do you see the crisis as an opportunity to try new things and grow? Do you think above all of others before you take care of your own needs?

We cannot avoid the consequences of the crisis. But we can learn and practice how to influence actively our negative thoughts and feelings thus ensuring that they do not take the upper hand. It takes trust in our inner strength and the will to introduce positive change in our own behavior.

Mindfulness means nothing other than internalizing this positive change and living it daily until it becomes our way of life. This requires discipline, but you are worth this effort for your own good, aren’t you? I am ready to accompany you every step of the way with a targeted coaching method, which by the way works also online.

Until then, may you stay healthy and mindful.

Best wishes for a hopeful Easter,

Tatjana Gaspar
(April 2020)