Leadership and role models

Do you have a leadership role model? Who is your undisputable nr.1? Is it someone from politics, economy, the spiritual world or a fictional character? And why? Try to summarize in one sentence what exactly you find desirable in his or her leadership style. Not easy at all, is it?

There has never been so much theoretical debate, lecturing and leadership training as nowadays. In practice, however, it is still often forgotten that leadership is not limited to enforcing commands from above. Neither narcissism, nor dictatorship, nor manipulation are suitable to change things positively, but flexibility, sure instinct, motivational skills and attentive listening.

Your first moment in a new leadership role will be groundbreaking for everything that comes afterwards. That is why a careful preparation and knowledge of the numerous pitfalls are of vital importance. Successful leaders have charisma and know how to attract and assemble people.

Two aspects are crucial: a) Your leadership style is defined through the interaction with the other person or a certain group. b) You can only lead effectively and consistently if you come across as coherent and credible.

Regardless of your previous experience, you can train and improve these skills. And you will notice the additional challenges that arise for you when your employees work from home.

I look forward to working with you on your individual leadership goals to make sure you are successful in your leadership role.

Meanwhile, may you find inspiration and pass it on with enthusiasm.

Best wishes,

Tatjana Gaspar
(September 2020)