Intersection or turning point – where do you stand right now and what comes next?

When an important decision has to be made, we human beings normally listen to our head, our heart or our gut. Usually one of these three voices is the dominant one and moves us in a certain direction. We rarely take the time to weigh one against the other including all the possible effects. It happens again and again that we question our decisions afterwards. But since it is human nature to not want to openly admit such doubts, we try to justify our decisions and reluctantly accept criticism.

Which inner sign are you most likely to be guided by at the crossroads of life? Do you proceed rationally and logically, do you let emotions take precedence or do you listen to what your intuition whispers to you?

Often we are not really aware of our approach, but rather base ourselves on habit and routine. Perhaps it is in your nature to use free radicals such as constellations or numerals to help you take a decision. In retrospect, you simply feel the degree of satisfaction with your own decision and the hope that everything will turn out fine in the end.

But with corona, we are experiencing a previously unknown dimension. Most of us are at a turning point, some may feel at a dead end. It is possible that your routine is no longer helpful. New events and the uncertainty about future prospects require a willingness to reshape our thinking and approach so that real opportunities can unfold again.

Systemic coaching focuses on ways to think in terms of consequences in order to achieve consistency. Throughout this process, I guide and accompany you with appreciation and motivation. You are then able to take the next step fully convinced and with a new understanding of yourself and your environment.

In the meantime, may your head, your heart and you gut be in harmony and may your decisions always be spot on.

Best wishes,

Tatjana Gaspar
(August 2020)