In which pond do you prefer to swim? Do you surround yourself with relaxed fish or rather find yourself regularly crossing paths with a biting species?

Fish are similar to human beings: you do not immediately guess their intentions. You only find out what drives them by observing them carefully. The behaviour of both is defined by needs and stress factors. Regardless of size and shape, fish tend to build functional partnerships with other creatures. Human beings, too, are well aware that they are more productive and effective in teams, than alone.

In your opinion, why do we get caught up in conflicts so often despite our common goals and purposes? How do you personally deal with grueling tensions and snappy fighters? Do you react fiercefully or shyly? And how heavy does the burden of such a conflict weigh in your daily life?

Displaying a relaxed behaviour in the shark tank can be learned and is key for your long-term self-protection – provided you want to stay there.

As your coach, I am ready to take the challenge and work with you so that you can remain calm and constructive in the face of conflict. Are you up for it as well?

I look forward to your contact. Until then, may your life be enriched with productive team experiences.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(August 2019)