If it were not for this inner blockage…

Have you ever witnessed someone else accomplish something and have said to yourself: «I would have loved to accomplish that, but I couldn’t do it because something was holding me back.»? Every now and then, each of us experiences situations, in which we secretly regret not having tried. Do you feel that these situations are very different from one another or rather similar? The more often similar situations are repeating themselves and you then regretfully say «I couldn’t do it because something was holding me back», the more likely there is some kind of mental blockage. But you are by no means responsible for it!

Such inner obstacles usually have a specific cause. We sometimes know the cause and sometimes not. It may have its origin in experiences from our childhood, adolescence or perhaps from a later trauma. The examples are endless: Suddenly, we are overwhelmed by this anxiety ahead of an exam that makes us forget the material we have learned. The thought of our appearance before an audience leads us to the edge of impotence. At the crucial moment, the carefully prepared job interview sinks into a blackout. Or we don’t dare to enter into a pool of water, even when it is shallow. Maybe we are paralized by the thought of flying in an airplaine. A feeling of panic and loss of control spreads inside us and turns off any self-confidence. We are no longer receptive to external influences. Anyone who has ever experienced this knows how frightening and deeply stressful it can feel to be blocked.

Why would any human being want to go through life with such a burden instead of trying everything to get it out of the way? Why would someone prefer not to breathe more freely and not to build up his or her (self-)confidence?

There is no easy answer to this. Nevertheless, countless people continue to live and suffer with their mental blockage day by day, feel ashamed because of it, try to hide and suppress it – without success. The longer we wait to tackle the problem, the heavier the burden will weigh on us and pull us down.

But it doesn’t have to come to that: with courage, perseverance and method, we can do something about it and also encourage others to take this step. It is never too late for it.

With very best wishes,
Tatjana Gaspar