I reflect, therefore I am!

We often hear that at the end of an important phase, someone reviews their life. But why only at the end?

I love self-reflection! Do you? Reflection means mirroring, pondering, remembering. To reflect on yourself means in somewhat clinical terms to analyze and question your own thinking, feeling and behavior with the aim of finding out more about yourself and what you could do differently (“better?”). In doing so, we can question ourselves not only as individuals, but also as parts of a system, for example our family or team and look at our own behavior from a distance.

It is easier to reflect on oneself as part of a network of relationships (system), than in a detached and abstract way: What was the situation? Who was involved? How did they behave? How did I behave? Did my behavior lead to a productive outcome for myself and others or not? What could I have done differently and how would my behavior have affected the situation? etc. Self-reflection is particularly helpful when there is tension or when we have a competitive environment because both will occur again and again.

Self-reflection demands of me complete honesty and openness to alternative options. I do not ask what I expect from others, but what I expect from myself. I know that I cannot change others, so I am ready to change my own behavior.

Self-reflection is the beginning of a journey of discovery inside of me with unforeseen dimensions and full of surprises.

We like to convince ourselves that we are doing everything right and with the best of intentions. After all, nobody likes self-criticism! But what exactly does “right” mean? Right for whom? And it is well known that “best intentions” are no guarantee for happiness and success. That’s why self-reflection needs getting used to and regular training. That’s why it only works if we truly want to change something about ourselves. Self-reflection is the beginning of every change process!

To get the support of someone who creates momentum for you is not only advisable, but also enriching. Perhaps you prefer the high-energy motivational speaker who can inspire a hall full of followers. Perhaps you rather appreciate the soft-spoken meditation trainer who invites you to take a seat on your mat and listen to the sound of silence. Or you can engage in a profound and solution-oriented conversation with a coach like me in your preferred environment and find out how you can reach the next stage of your personal goal and improve your life. I already look forward to your story!

With appreciative thoughts and warm Easter greetings,
Tatjana Gaspar