Highlight your personality and ensure a positive perception

Are you one of those persons who voice their opinion with self-consciousness or do you tend to hold back? Do you take your own concerns seriously or do you give in because the concerns of others seem more important to you? Are you consistently able to distance yourself from counterproductive influences or do they get under your skin? Those who always subordinate themselves, are not perceived positively.

Maybe you would like to scream out loud “I’m here and now it’s my turn”, but do not dare because your sense of duty, your education or culture stand in your way. This prevents some people from ending a relationship in which they are treated with contempt, and others from demanding a higher wage for their performance, although they are entitled to it. And you?

Successful relationships and a fulfilling job, but also your own perception of yourself have something to do with whether you articulate your wishes and set clear boundaries.

From nothing comes nothing. But everything can change if you change your behavior. Sometimes a small impulse is enough to turn your target into reality. Begin by placing your individual request on top of your priorities list today, thus giving your personality precedence. But how to implement it? I suggest that we find that out together, working with method and focusing on your individual objective.

I look forward to your call. Until then, may courage and determination have a place in your every day.

Best wishes for a luminous holiday season,

Tatjana Gaspar
(December 2019)