Hidden competences – an unused competitive advantage!

Every human being’s whole personality is unique. Each one of us carries an impressive mix of skills and talents inside, which we develop in a variety of ways or forget in the course of our lives.

Which competence did you have as a child, but neglected as an adult because it did not seem important anymore? Which one did you acquire with difficulty, but then did not dare put to good use where it would have been worthwhile?

The question is not, whether you have hidden competences, but why you are hiding them instead of dusting them off, refreshing and illuminating them for everyone to see.

Particularly in your professional life it is important to emphasize all aspects of your personality because this can give you a competitive advantage. And perhaps it is precisely the neglected skills that can help us endure times of crisis with creativity and resilience.

So how about if we get to the bottom of it together so that you can rev up fully convinced of your revamped skillset? It is never too early or too late for it. The right moment is anytime. I look forward to your contact whenever you are ready.

Until then, may you remain healthy and confident.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(March 2020)