Have courage for professional independence or try something unconventional!

You probably know the feeling when there is suddenly no more inspiration in our everyday work, but only emptiness inside. We think we are trapped in a hamster wheel, running on autopilot, while life is seemingly happening elsewhere. No matter how hard we try, our focus, joy and motivation are gone, and we are unable to pick up where we left off. We just reached a turning point, when we realized that we ought to choose a different path. But which one? Perhaps an idea has existed for some time, but external circumstances prevented us from implementing it. How do we boost our motivation, set ourselves a new goal, take courage to make a change and find our way back to joy and passion?

We may think that the time is not right for a professional change. But is that really the case or are we just inventing reasons because to change nothing is more convenient and, therefore, we are willing to accept the idle state of our mind? Postponing a necessary change for too long leads, at worst, to some state of resignation or exhaustion and, at best, to the feeling of having missed an opportunity.

The good news: The right time is precisely now, regardless of how you may experience the external circumstances. The only mistake that you can make is ignoring your inner voice. And one more piece of good news: Leaving your comfort zone is the best thing you will ever have done for yourself! Only then will your inspiration have a chance to return!

Throughout your life, you were able to fill a considerable backpack with experience and skills. If your goal is to regain inspiration and make a change, there are first a few tasks you cannot avoid. Start by formulating each of your individual skills, prioritize them and each time answer two questions: “How have I used this skill so far?” and “For what purpose do I want to use it in the future?” This is the foundation on which you build.

Both the path to professional independence and starting work in a new domain are decisive chapters that have a profound impact on one’s entire life and social environment. Before you jump in, it is helpful to reflect your own perception and new ideas in a conversation with appreciative and experienced persons while staying focused on your goals. Thanks to a powerful coaching approach and supported by my own experiences, I am happy to help you reach the next level and turn towards an inspiring new professional beginning.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar