From sensory overload back to focus

Keeping the focus on your life goals is sometimes quite difficult. Wouldn’t you say so? The past years have demanded everything from us emotionally and mentally: be it the ever-accelerating pace of digitization, growing existential vulnerability at all social and professional levels, the restructuring of our life plans caused by the pandemic, or now the palpable fear of the far-reaching consequences of the war that is raging at the gates of Europe. These are just a few aspects that our brain has to deal with all at once and that pose great challenges. And in addition, we must continue to function perfectly in our family and business environment, make plans and pursue goals as if nothing could shake us.

Those who endure this sensory overload unfiltered and in the long term without allowing themselves occasional breaks risk ending up in a spiral where neither motivation nor inspiration can exist anymore. Instead of going forward, you are pulled deeper and deeper. A scary and painful experience! But the crux of the matter is that many people put up with it or don’t even recognize the signs. How about you? Are there time windows in your everyday life when you can take a deep breath and just be there for yourself? Are you then able to let go of worries and sorrow? Or do stress and guilty conscience set in at the slightest moment of rest, enjoyment and fun?

World events happen without our intervention. They don’t care about our well-being. So we have to care about ourselves, mindfully and consciously. Why not right away!

Before it gets to the point where you or your loved one stare into the spiral, exhausted and discouraged, we can work with patience and gentle, but effective methods toward finding your focus (again). This is a structured and profoundly healing process. I am happy to guide and accompany you through it.

In the meantime, may you try and enjoy each little break to the fullest.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar