Effective and unequivocal communication – is that possible?

Have you noticed that most misunderstandings are due to a problem in communication? Q sends a message to Z, but Z receives a totally different message, even if both speak the same language. It is possible that Q’s message was inadequate, inappropriate, implausible or incomprehensible. But often Z simply heard and interpreted the message differently. Whether Q and Z are sitting opposite each other or exchanging information over a screen, listening and understanding each other remains a challenge.

This has nothing to do with the language of Q or the education of Z. Most of the time, emotions or cultural aspects are the reason. As Q you have no influence on Z’s ear or state of mind, but you are still responsible for your message. Communication is everything and everything is communication.

Whole volumes were written and multiple strategies were developed to establish the most effective communication in delicate situations, at management level and with groups. Nevertheless, we sometimes fail with our communication in everyday life. This leads to insecurity, frustration or conflicts.

The good news is: You can improve your communication through targeted training. Because clear and open communication sends a strong sign of self-confidence, interest and accountability. Online or with a mask as well!

If this is what you strive for, but your efforts so far have not had the desired effect, I offer you a protected framework where we can give your communication style the desired touch through method and practice. Give yourself a chance and you will be amazed!

Until then, may all your messages be powerful, positive and inspiring.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(May 2020)