Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability!

Have you ever wondered how many times in a day you are confronted with your own vulnerability? How do you react when suddenly nothing is as it was before, when certain situations or people push you to your limits? What do you do when your careful plan doesn’t work, when your perfect dream just bursts?

For many of us it’s hard then to face our emotions and admit them openly. Our fear of losing face and the respect of others ist too great. However, it turns out again and again that the others are not the problem at all, but rather the inner barrier that we then build up. Behind it, we suppress our feelings and our real self, sometimes for a very long time. We convince ourselves that the pressure to succeed and perform in life does not allow showing any weakness.

But in this century and in our modern society, vulnerability is less and less considered a weakness anymore. Vulnerability is what makes us human, what connects us. It does not destroy the respect of our fellow human beings, it creates it. Suppression, on the other hand, is a free ticket to long-term suffering and loneliness.

Those who are not afraid to show their vulnerability, to confide in others, demostrate authenticity and self-confidence – two important components of any lasting relationship, but also of credible leadership. This is true in your own family as well as in your professional life.

Find someone who makes you feel good about yourself and confide in them. There is a good chance that you will receive valuable advice and encouragement. Otherwise, just give me a call.

May the moment be right to affirm and celebrate your vulnerability!

With best wishes for the New Year,
Tatjana Gaspar