Dealing with the fear of loss

The past two corona years have shaken our world. Everything we thought we knew for sure about ourselves and our environment was put to the test. We felt more vulnerable than ever. There is no one who lost nothing during the past two years. Each one of us had to sacrifice something – even if it was just the feeling of lightheartedness.

It makes me think more often than usual: What do I fear losing most? And at the same time, the other question arises: If I lose it, how will I cope afterwards? How do I “replace” the irreplaceable? How do I keep my optimism?

What do you fear losing most? Beloved people? Relationships or status? Your health or independence? Your memory or orientation? Possessions? Your freedom? Your job? Control?

It makes no sense to judge whose fear is more valid, acute or serious than someone else’s. Fear sometimes comes insidiously, paralyzes us and affects every moment of our day and night. Even well-intentioned advice what one should do is out of place.

Fear of something happening is always fear of losing a part of ourselves. That’s why we must counter the fear of loss with something positive and powerful.

It can only be tackled with a targeted method, cautiously and radically, in a resource-oriented and purposeful way, with a strong will and self-confidence. You can build that up or find it again.

Don’t let anything paralyze and hinder you on your life’s path. Take a first step and talk to someone you trust. Or just give me a call. I am always happy to help.

Meanwhile, I wish you courage, confidence and positive energy every day.

Sincerely, Tatjana Gaspar