Nurture your self-confidence

What can you say about your self-confidence? Do you dream your dreams to the end? Do you always realise your plans or does something usually discourage you? Do you listen to insensitive remarks from other people or are you solely responsible for building your inner walls?

Those who take a leap of faith once, know the feeling of enthusiasm and freedom that comes with it. Those who usually back off at the last second, deal each time with the slight frustration of an unanswered question.

Nothing is easier than finding the reasons for not trying. But there is no point in cultivating this waiting spirit any longer.

Would you like to get help, cheer up and finally tear down your walls? Then let us work on it together. Indulge yourself to try and you might be surprised by the outcome. I look forward to your contact.

Until then, may your life be filled with plans that you still want to realise.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(October 2019)