in medias res
or in a nutshell

Nurture your self-confidence

What can you say about your self-confidence? Do you dream your dreams to the end? Do you always realise your plans or does something usually discourage you? Do you listen to insensitive remarks from other people or are you solely responsible for building your inner walls?

Those who take a leap of faith once, know the feeling of enthusiasm and freedom that comes with it. Those who usually back off at the last second, deal each time with the slight frustration of an unanswered question.

Nothing is easier than finding the reasons for not trying. But there is no point in cultivating this waiting spirit any longer.

Would you like to get help, cheer up and finally tear down your walls? Then let us work on it together. Indulge yourself to try and you might be surprised by the outcome. I look forward to your contact.

Until then, may your life be filled with plans that you still want to realise.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(October 2019)

Do you still micromanage or already lead with emotional intelligence?

What does leadership mean for you? Do you lead effectively, with pleasure and inspiration? Can you describe your leadership style? Where do you see the interface of leadership and management? You may have tried, heard or read some of it, perhaps you are attending one of the many leadership seminars, where they prepare you for the future needs of your organisation in the digital era. Which part of it can you implement right away and which aspects would you like to target individually?

Above all, you lead yourself before leading and empowering others.Effective leadership has everything to do with emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships.

This includes having a vision and being a role model, projecting self-awareness and being recognizable, conveying values and appreciation, communicating and living up to standards and principles. The finetuning of your leadership skills and tailor-made training, where you learn how to address conflicts with self-confidence, will allow you to create a sustainable balance and, thus, avoid a leadership vacuum.

There are far too many overwhelmed leaders around. You do not want to be another one. Let’s talk about how you can optimize your individual leadership style for the benefit of your organization. The next step: contact me. I am already looking forward to your unique leadership story.

Until then, may your life be filled with inspiration.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(September 2019)

In which pond do you prefer to swim? Do you surround yourself with relaxed fish or rather find yourself regularly crossing paths with a biting species?

Fish are similar to human beings: you do not immediately guess their intentions. You only find out what drives them by observing them carefully. The behaviour of both is defined by needs and stress factors. Regardless of size and shape, fish tend to build functional partnerships with other creatures. Human beings, too, are well aware that they are more productive and effective in teams, than alone.

In your opinion, why do we get caught up in conflicts so often despite our common goals and purposes? How do you personally deal with grueling tensions and snappy fighters? Do you react fiercefully or shyly? And how heavy does the burden of such a conflict weigh in your daily life?

Displaying a relaxed behaviour in the shark tank can be learned and is key for your long-term self-protection – provided you want to stay there.

As your coach, I am ready to take the challenge and work with you so that you can remain calm and constructive in the face of conflict. Are you up for it as well?

I look forward to your contact. Until then, may your life be enriched with productive team experiences.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(August 2019)

Mens sana in corpore sano: Self-care is burn-out prevention at an early stage

Are you one of those people who always put others first? Is it especially important to you that everything is done before you start thinking about yourself? Or don’t you think about yourself at all?

Life consists of give and take. And for a good reason.

Self-care is a life-sustaining measure – just like eating, drinking, breathing and sleeping. It is like a human right that you claim for yourself. Without this claim, you pave the way to a potentially long series of physical and mental illnesses. But where to start? What does your individual self-care consist of and how much of it do you need to stay healthy and perform well?

As your coach, I make it my mission to help you define your individual self-care and embed it as an integral part of your life programme. Together, we shall work on establishing your individual balance so that you remain well in the long term.

I look forward to your contact. Until then, may your life be filled with mindful thoughts.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(August 2019)

If you want to use your energy efficiently, you must learn to manage your expectations!

Do you know all your energy thiefs? I mean the people with whom you allow a relationship or situation that keeps wearing you down. You probably identified them long ago, but maybe you do not know how to protect or free yourself because you expect that something will change eventually. This is an illusion because you expect the impossible. Maybe you are shy, respectful, are already in a state of resignation or feel dependent on your energy thief.

Keeping your energy thiefs in check means that you master the game of closeness and distance in your relationships.

Why is it important in the long run to manage your expectations? Because your health and satisfaction are functions of your long-term energy level. And because you want to use your time productively in the company of people who give you energy rather than stealing it.

If you know what you can realistically expect from other persons in your environment, you gain self-confidence. To achieve that, it is important to observe their behaviour and your own from a different angle. I can help you with focus and method to create this new perspective for yourself.

I look forward to your contact. Until then, may your life be filled with enriching encounters.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(July 2019)

Change in sight? – Your chance to become a game changer!

Everyone has experienced changes in life. But do you also have experience with change in the professional environment? Probably yes.

Since the beginning of digitization, change is on everyone’s lips. Change sounds cool and dynamic. But what exactly is behind the term?

Significant changes in your environment that you do not initiate or decide freely indicate consequences that are often difficult to accept. You are not prepared for this, are thrown off track. Your resilience is put to the test. At best, change means the need to adjust or the opportunity for a realignment. But what if change does not feel so positive for you?

I had to face many changes throughout my life. Those moments have never been easy. But in retrospect, my greatest challenges were my greatest opportunities.

As your coach and trainer, I am passionate about working with you to develop your own individual path or your next goal so that you do not lose yourself in the change process, but can be a game changer for yourself and others.

I look forward to your contact. Until then, may your life be filled with positive changes.

Best wishes, Tatjana Gaspar
(June 2019)